Signature Contract Packing

Co-Packing Program Brochure

General Criteria

  • Low 350 case minimum order per item.
  • Customer may choose from our extensive line of glass containers.  These containers cover a wide scope of product variety.
  • There is a one time Research and Development fee of $500.00 per item.  This allows our lab personnel to procure the proper raw materials and devote the necessary time to your special project.  Braswell's also provides the customer with complete Nutritional Information. (No Recipe Formula - additional $250 if needed)

Co-Pack Procedure

  1. We ask that the prospective customer send us a list of ingredients (by mail/fax/email/etc.) for lab approval / suggested alternatives.
  2. If ingredients are approved, we ask that the customer send in the following items: a) Recipe  b) Product Sample  c) $500.00 R&D Fee
  3. After receipt of the above items in Step 2, Braswell's lab personnel will develop a lab sample.  This sample will be sent to the customer for approval or to be critiqued for a second round of testing. (this process will repeat with 3 recipe changes approved the final lab sample)
  4. Upon customer approval of the item, Braswell's will determine a delivered case price.
  5. After a final case price has been determined and discussed with the customer, we can receive the initial product order.

If not already completed during the above procedures:

  • Product specs will be used for determination of accurate Nutritional Information.
  • Customer artwork and glass spec information will be given to the designated label producer for production of a label "proof."
  • After the customer and Braswell's Quality Control has approved the final label proof, a purchase order will be placed by either the customer or Braswell's.
  • At this time, full scale production of the item will be coordinated with the shipment and arrival of the labels.

* After producing hundreds of contact packs for many years, we feel this procedure is the simplest and most effective for our customers.