Fig with Ginger Preserve 10.5 oz

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Fig with Ginger Preserve
Our carefully selected figs from Central Valley are combined with warm, zesty chunks of ginger and pure cane sugar. Braswell's Fig with Ginger Preserve is handcrafted in small batches using premium ingredients. Serve with assorted breakfast bread, use as a glaze for pork, or serve alongside cheese and crackers.
INGREDIENTS: Figs, cane sugar, corn syrup, ginger, pectin, citric acid, lemon juice from concentrate and spices.
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4 reviews
Fig with Ginger Preserve
Sep 18, 2022
Sep 18, 2022  |  By JH Schroeder
The preserve is excellent. Service was great!
JH Schroeder
Oct 23, 2022
Oct 23, 2022  |  By Mignon
My grandson who is 3 years old loves it. He thinks it honey
Fig ginger preserves
Dec 5, 2022
Dec 5, 2022  |  By Mary E Burton
I am in love with the fig ginger preserves. Fig jam has always been my favorite but this one tops them all. Just received 3 jars that probably won't last long since I look forward to eating it every day.!
Mary E Burton
Nov 1, 2023
Nov 1, 2023  |  By Sue Ellen Cook
All your preserves, jams and jellies are excellent! I highly recommend.
Sue Ellen Cook