Sweet Bourbon Grilling Sauce 13.5 oz

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Sweet Bourbon Grilling Sauce
This recipe brings the bourbon from the bar into the kitchen. The rich flavor of the bourbon brings out both the saltiness of the soy sauce and the sweetness of the brown sugar. Great on salmon, ribs, and many other types of meat including pecan-crusted chicken.
INGREDIENTS: Dark brown sugar (cane sugar and molasses), apple cider vinegar, soy sauce (water, wheat, soy beans, salt), onions, water, bourbon, garlic, pepper sauce (vinegar, red pepper, salt), modified food starch, lemon juice concentrate, molasses, natural butter flavor, glucono delta-lactone, less than 1/10th of 1% sodium benzoate added as a preservative.
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15 reviews
Jul 7, 2020
Jul 7, 2020  |  By Sharron
Tried for the first time tonight. Didn't glaze the chicken. Served it on the side. Didn't realize it was runny, but then tasted it and didn't care! Absolutely wonderful, amazing. I could have licked the plate!!!
Grankid approved
Oct 9, 2020
Oct 9, 2020  |  By Harold Myers
I put this on some ribs that had been Baked for 2 hours, grilled for 20 min. and then basted and baked for another 15 min. I thought it would be too spicy for my little people but they each ate 4 ribs a piece and loved every bite. Their mom and dad were surprised to see this considering they had not had ribs before. The entire party gave rave reviews as if I had done something special. I will be using this time again and will try other flavors as well.
Harold Myers
Best stuff ever!
Mar 31, 2021
Mar 31, 2021  |  By Sherry Knox
This sauce is addictive so proceed with.. naw, pour on the whole bottle! The smell alone will cause you to lose control. The thickness of the sauce is just right. Not too thick and not too thin. The flavor is complex with layers of goodness. Use it on all meats, grilled, baked, or cooked. I even use it on veggies. Truly delicious!
Sherry Knox
Apr 11, 2021
Apr 11, 2021  |  By Eric Wrage
I use this like a teriyaki sauce, on beef, chicken, and smoked sausage.
Eric Wrage
Bottle of Deliciousness
Apr 28, 2021
Apr 28, 2021  |  By Max Farver
I've used this sauce twice, once on chicken breasts, and on boneless pork chops. Grilled the chops over cherry wood and cooked extra for left over sandwiches the next day. Sliced real thin then drizzled a little more sauce before microwaving it. OMG! Definitely a new go to in my summer menu lineup.
Max Farver
Great Stuff!
Jun 20, 2021
Jun 20, 2021  |  By MICHAEL R HERNDON
Put this on some ribs & cooked in a crock pot for about 6 hrs. Great taste!
Very flavorful
Jul 7, 2021
Jul 7, 2021  |  By Jim
Adds just that right amount if flavor. Unexpectedly good.
Jul 14, 2021
Jul 14, 2021  |  By Kris
I used this sauce on a skirt steak. I marinated it for 2 days in this sauce and then threw it on the grill. It was absolutely delicious! It had a little bit of spice (not too much) and sweetness and went great with char, meat and fat of this type of steak.
It's Amazing!
Jul 21, 2021
Jul 21, 2021  |  By Isabell Ferguson Byas
I have been trying to develop a taste for salmon because of the nutritional value, but I truly did not like it's taste. It wasn't until I purchased the Sweet Bourbon Grilling Sauce from M & T Meats in Hawkinsville Georgia that won me over to eating salmon!! The sauce is simply AMAZING! My first piece of salmon did not make it to the dinner table!!! Since then I have order several bottles and have shared with family and friends. I also have marinated shrimp in it. Thanks for an exceptional product.
Isabell Ferguson Byas
Sweet bourbon sauce
Aug 25, 2021
Aug 25, 2021  |  By John Sunderhaus
Love this sauce, I wish it was in stores in my area, I've already used one of the bottles I ordered
John Sunderhaus
Best BBQ Sauce Ever
Dec 10, 2021
Dec 10, 2021  |  By Robin R Hunter
I absolutely love this sauce, I cook with it and also use as a dip for everything. Will purchase again and again. Thank You :)
Robin R Hunter
Feb 9, 2022
Feb 9, 2022  |  By Cathy Olsen
This is the first time I am ordering from Braswell's. I am very pleased with all of my purchases.
Cathy Olsen
We love this stuff!
Oct 5, 2022
Oct 5, 2022  |  By Orrin Charm
I especially use it on baby back ribs. I give them a dry rub, sous-vide them at 165F for 2-3 hours, then brush them with Braswell's Bourbon Grilling Sauce, and put them on the grill for a few minutes on each side! Very tasty! I used to get it from Amazon for about three times the price- then they raised the price so I looked around . . . even after paying for shipping, buying directly from Braswell's is a much better deal!
Orrin Charm
Sweet Bourbon grilling sauce
Jul 4, 2023
Jul 4, 2023  |  By Bryan
Bought my first bottle and had some with dinner. OMG, this stuff is amazing. This is my must have BBQ sauce for ANYTHING. 5+STARS.
My Favorite.
Dec 22, 2023
Dec 22, 2023  |  By Jack Santeford
Jack Santeford