Pickled Garlic 16 oz

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Pickled Garlic
What a unique treat! Braswell's Pickled Garlic is surprisingly tasty. with a mild sweet flavor. Once you try one, you will eat several more! A crunchy addition to any relish tray. Chop and use in salads, meatballs, or sauces.
Garlic (garlic cloves, water, white distilled vinegar, salt, phosphoric acid, potassium sorbate (preservative) and sodium benzoate (preservative)), distilled vinegar, water, cane sugar, red peppers, parsley and less than 1/10th of 1% potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate added as preservatives.
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17 reviews
The best pickled garlic
Apr 18, 2021
Apr 18, 2021  |  By Danielle L Desjardin
I LOVE pickled garlic. I buy a jar everytime I see one just to try it. This jar is by far the best one I've ever had. It has so much flavor, a great crunch and, did I mention it has great flavor?! Most jarred pickled garlic I've tried doesn't have much flavor but this one is flavor packed! I highly recommend trying Braswells. It's so good!!
Danielle L Desjardin
Sooo good
May 5, 2021
May 5, 2021  |  By Cristal Mathis
I love the taste of these pickled garlic. I ate them straight out the jar!
Cristal Mathis
Jun 11, 2021
Jun 11, 2021  |  By Kisha Marsh
I absolutely love the pickled garlic. I will definitely purchase again.
Kisha Marsh
Jun 25, 2021
Jun 25, 2021  |  By Marisa Mead
This pickled garlic is, by far, the best we've ever had! We will be ordering again! Delicious, great service and great shipping!
Marisa Mead
Thanks to TikTok
Jul 1, 2021
Jul 1, 2021  |  By Barbara Somers
I never knew about pickled garlic...then on TikTok they had this trend going on with pickled garlic, thyme, sirachi and chili powder. Well, I'm addicted now :) Love it as it came or this other way.
Barbara Somers
Pickled Garlic
Jul 19, 2021
Jul 19, 2021  |  By Barbara Somers
Honestly glad I found you, they're delicious! I wanted to try the new fad, picked garlic, drain, add sirachi, thyme & chili powder, shake, shake, shake...then shake some more. Absolutely delicious. These pickled garlics I can eat either way...they're firm and delicious. I may have to order 5 jars next time.
Barbara Somers
Can't get enough...
Aug 9, 2021
Aug 9, 2021  |  By Jenny Brown
These pickled garlic gems are amazing! Both my husband and I love the crunchiness of them and the pickling spice / sweetness is an amazing combo. We will eat them plain right out of the jar, or topped on a slice of cheese with a cracker. Will definitely keep these as a staple in our fridge at all times.
Jenny Brown
Sep 27, 2021
Sep 27, 2021  |  By Cheri Anderson
My daughter absolutely loves the pickled garlic! Unfortunately, a jar was broken during the last shipment. It was well packed so I suspect it was damaged in transport. We will be ordering more in the future.
Cheri Anderson
Owner Response: A replacement for the broken jar is on the way. Thank you.
Pickled Garlic
Oct 20, 2021
Oct 20, 2021  |  By Jeff Baker
I would drive 100 miles for this pickled garlic its that good!
Jeff Baker
Nov 15, 2021
Nov 15, 2021  |  By Lisa
The Best Best Pickled Garlic I've ever had. I can eat the entire jar in one day. They also have the Best customer service . I will be ordering more. It's very hard to find good pickled Garlic Thank you Braswell's
Pickled Garlic
Jan 3, 2022
Jan 3, 2022  |  By Barbara Ann Somers
LOVE IT. Ordered 10 jars on Nov 2021....still waiting...where are they?
Barbara Ann Somers
Mar 30, 2022
Mar 30, 2022  |  By Jane E Thomas
Your pickled garlic is savory with a slight kick. How several friends hooked on this product.
Jane E Thomas
They are amazing!
May 9, 2022
May 9, 2022  |  By Abbygail Gonzalez
I tried these for the pickled garlic snack challenge on tiktok and these are by far the best pickled garlic you could ever eat! I finished the entire jar in a week, they are absolutely delicious! I highly recommend. :)
Abbygail Gonzalez
Jul 9, 2022
Jul 9, 2022  |  By patrick obryan obryan
patrick obryan obryan
Jul 18, 2022
Jul 18, 2022  |  By Lora Kuntz
Oh so good!
Lora Kuntz
Aug 16, 2022
Aug 16, 2022  |  By Bridget
This is the best , crunchy, a little spicy... delish
Best pickled garlic!!
Sep 6, 2022
Sep 6, 2022  |  By Mario Solano
I bought these for the first time at Knotts Berry Farm and my wife and I loved them!! Finished the bottled in 2 days. So I had to order more. Better then the garlic we get from another place. These are crunchy and seem to be more fresh and just better tasting. Will continue to buy more! Also the pickled green beans are great too. Thank you!
Mario Solano