Pepper Relish 8 oz.

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Pepper Relish
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Made with chopped Red Bell Peppers, onions, sugar, vinegar, and spices. Delicious when added to sandwiches, crackers, vegetables, or just eat it by the spoonful. Try it on Hot Dogs, in potato salad, or deviled eggs. Pour over a block of cream cheese for an elegant appetizer!
INGREDIENTS: Red bell peppers, pure cane sugar, distilled vinegar, cabbage, minced onion, salt, xanthan gum, cayenne pepper, celery and mustard seeds.
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3 reviews
Apr 20, 2020
Apr 20, 2020  |  By Nancy Watkins
This is the closest thing I have found to my grandmothers! It is so good on any vegetable, black eyed peas, butter beans, butter peas, etc. Love it !! It is also essential in making a great dip for chips or to spread on crackers.
Nancy Watkins
Best Relish Ever
Jan 29, 2021
Jan 29, 2021  |  By Lila W
This relish is great on just about everything! Spice up a burger, punch up a bowl of beans, add some zip to thick slices of toast, and add flavor to all your favorite dishes. Your taste buds will thank you.
Lila W
delicious as always
Apr 11, 2021
Apr 11, 2021  |  By Granny 04
Having been raised in Georgia, I grew up enjoying Braswells pepper relish. I have to order from you because none of the stores near me in North Carolina carry it any more. They have other items for sale, just not my favorite.
Granny 04