Dill Pickle Hot Sauce

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Dill Pickle Hot Sauce
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INGREDIENTS: Water, green jalapeno peppers (peppers, salt, acetic acid), distilled vinegar, rice starch, natural dill flavor, garlic, dill weed, cucumbers and cane sugar. Scoville Units - 380
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A unique hot sauce with a couple perfect uses
Feb 22, 2020
Feb 22, 2020  |  By Dustin
My wife picked this up at World Market to add to our hot sauce wall. It's not very spicy at all though you can taste the peppers. It absolutely tastes like dill pickles and jalapeno in a great balance. I like this on burgers in heavy doses, but the absolute best use it to put a healthy tablespoon or two in a pot of borscht. I add more to my bowl, but some in the pot rounds out the earthiness of borscht with its complex acidity without adding a detectable level of spice for those who sweat at the thought of ketchup. Give this a try. It's not a sauce for every occasion, bit it's one worth having a bottle or two of because it's outstanding when used on the right foods.
May 21, 2020
May 21, 2020  |  By Connor
Bought this as a joke. My life has been changed. I now put this on every thing. Everything.
Absolutely love this stuff!
Sep 7, 2020
Sep 7, 2020  |  By MARILEE REUTER
I'm all about dill, so I had to try it! I liked it so much, I went back to the store and bought more to ship to my family and friends across the country! Not super hot, but wonderful flavor!