Braswell's Select Tart Cherry Preserve 13 oz

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Braswell Select Tart Cherry Preserve
Spread a delicious burst of fresh fruit flavor on your breakfast toast, scone, or English muffin with Braswell's Select Tart Cherry Preserves. A light touch is used when adding pure cane sugar and pectin to maximize the true fruit flavor, color, clarity, and texture of these vibrant, hand stirred preserves.
INGREDIENTS: Tart cherries, cane sugar, cherry juice concentrate, pectin, citric acid.
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Childhood Memoty
Sep 23, 2021
Sep 23, 2021  |  By Beverlee Psichopaidas
Most cherry preserves today are too sweet and sugary. These are perfect and the tart cherry flavor really comes through I've had them on ice cream and cottage cheese as well as the normal breakfast items. It reminds me of one we got as children
Beverlee Psichopaidas