Braswell's Select Red Pepper Jelly 13 oz

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Braswell Select Red Pepper Jelly
For generations, our Red Pepper Jelly has been a pantry essential for anyone who likes to entertain with style. Pour this savory-sweet condiment over cream cheese and serve with crackers for an instant appetizer. We make our Red Pepper Jelly in small batches stirred by hand using premium local ingredients - it's no wonder why we're America's best-selling pepper jelly!
INGREDIENTS: Cane sugar, red bell peppers, apple cider vinegar, pectin, citric acid, dehydrated onions and capsicum
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3 reviews
Great Stuff!
Jun 28, 2021
Jun 28, 2021  |  By MICHAEL R HERNDON
Bought this for a friend & she loved it!
Wife's favorite
Dec 6, 2021
Dec 6, 2021  |  By charlie troncale
Your red pepper jelly is my wife's favorite she puts it on and in most everything, breakfast lunch supper. That box I ordered last week was for her birthday next week but local grocery ran out so she had to open it early. Have you noticed your sales went up out here since we moved to the farm?
charlie troncale
Easy open
Jan 29, 2022
Jan 29, 2022  |  By Cara
These jars were so easy to open. They were well packed and of course the taste of the product was amazing. I wasn't sure if having the tiny hole exposed would affect the storage of the product so I just put a piece of tape over it.