Braswell's Select Apple Butter 13 oz

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Braswell's Select Apple Butter
The sweet taste of freshly picked apples combined with special spices produces this decadently rich Apple Butter. Slow-Cooked apples with lots of fall spices with a slight hint of brown sugar.
INGREDIENTS: Apples, pure cane sugar, brown sugar (cane sugar and molasses), apple juice concentrate, apple cider vinegar, water, fruit pectin, apple essence, spices.
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8 reviews
Apple butter
Mar 24, 2021
Mar 24, 2021  |  By Steve
Reminds me of grandma's home made apple butter. Not to sweet but just right.
Best Apple Butter!
Jun 19, 2021
Jun 19, 2021  |  By Patrick
My wife is from the South and I lived there for a number of years. This is the best apple butter I have found! It's not carried in a store here, but since I have been buying salad dressing from Braswells, when I saw they had apple butter I knew it must be good! We have ordered it again ... I heartily recommend it!
Best Apple Butter EVER
Jul 13, 2021
Jul 13, 2021  |  By Susan Galloway Wilson
We really like this product. Wish we could buy it inour area.
Susan Galloway Wilson
Apple butter
Jul 26, 2021
Jul 26, 2021  |  By Denise Hunter
It's the best tasting apple butter I have ever eaten.
Denise Hunter
Oct 17, 2021
Oct 17, 2021  |  By Calvin Stark, Jr.
Apple Butter was the one that started this journey down the Braswell's path. Excellent product, have now tried Select Blueberry Preserves, Select Fig Preserves, Select Peach Apricot Preserves, Select Raspberry Pomegranate Preserves, Select Cherry Butter, Select Peach Butter, Select Pumpkin Butter, Select Red Raspberry Preserve and Select Triple Berry Preserve. Never found one that wasn't excellent. The only problem is deciding which to have with my morning meal. Also great for an evening dessert topping. GREAT Product.
Calvin Stark, Jr.
The best apple butter!
May 4, 2023
May 4, 2023  |  By Lambert Melanie
We received this in a gift basket and it is the absolute best apple butter I have ever had. Even better than our lov orchard but I'll still get both but This is a must have at our house from now on
Lambert Melanie
Dec 2, 2023
Dec 2, 2023  |  By Carla Green
Great Homemade taste
Carla Green
Great apple butter
Apr 4, 2024
Apr 4, 2024  |  By Dave j bell
We stumbled on a jar of your apple butter in big lots in traverse city michigan and we found it to be very tasty , so now we will be looking for it in some more local stores
Dave j bell