Artichoke Relish 8 oz. ( Limited Supply )

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Artichoke Relish 8.0 oz. ( Limited Supply )
Made with chopped Jerusalem artichokes, peppers, onions, sugar, vinegar, and spices. Delicious when added to sandwiches, crackers, vegetables, or just eat it by the spoonful. Try it on Hot Dogs, in potato salad, or deviled eggs. Pour over a block of cream cheese for an elegant appetizer!
INGREDIENTS:Jerusalem Artichokes, distilled vinegar, cane sugar, water, red bell peppers, mustard (vinegar, mustard seed, salt, turmeric, spices), rice starch, dehydrated onion, salt, celery seeds, turmeric, mustard seeds, less than 1/10th of 1% potassium sorbate added as a preservative and cayenne pepper.
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42 reviews
Artichoke relish
Feb 26, 2021
Feb 26, 2021  |  By Donna Parks
My husband loves this relish but it's so hard to find. I'll be ordering from you again!
Donna Parks
I love the artichoke relish!!!
Feb 27, 2021
Feb 27, 2021  |  By Brenda Law
It's the best artichoke relish!!!!! It took us 4 years to find it again.
Brenda Law
artichoke relish
Feb 28, 2021
Feb 28, 2021  |  By suan
My first taste was 51 years ago and have eaten it ever since. It is dynamite on burgers and on appetizers. I would call it craveable. I loved the artichoke pickles which are no longer available. The onion pork loin is my dinner tonight. This is quality and I will continue to purchase Braswell products for as long as I can. Oh yeah, the jalapeno jelly is dynamite on mozzarella cheese and triscuit salt and cracked pepper crackers!
Mar 24, 2021
Mar 24, 2021  |  By Gary Young
The artichoke relish is a great product. A little bit added to the deviled egg mix works well, too. A shame no grocery stores in my area sell it. If people tried it they would like it.
Gary Young
Delicous product
Apr 17, 2021
Apr 17, 2021  |  By marie sanders
My family always had this artichoke relish in the refrigerator while I was growing up. I absolutely love it and now at 70 still LOVING it!
marie sanders
Love Braswell's Artichoke Relsih
Apr 23, 2021
Apr 23, 2021  |  By Lynne Eisenberg
I loved Braswell's Artichoke Relish from years ago when I lived in New Orleans and could find it at the supermarket. I finally searched and was pleased the Braswell company still makes this delicious item. Shipping was quick and I am happy!
Lynne Eisenberg
LOVE Braswell's Artichoke Relish
May 13, 2021
May 13, 2021  |  By Judy Evans
I grew up with this relish and I'm 80+ so when it became unavailable in grocery stores, even when they carry Braswell's products, I became worried. Then I discovered I could order directly from Braswell's and I was happy again. Unfortunately, it is only available seasonally so I have to stock up. But my meats, salads, deviled eggs, ham, burgers and hotdogs are happily "dressed" again! Thank you Braswell's. PLEASE don't discontinue this product.
Judy Evans
Artichoke Relish
May 14, 2021
May 14, 2021  |  By L C Williams
I love the Artichoke Relish on hot dogs and hamburgers
L C Williams
Braswell Artichoke Relish
Jun 5, 2021
Jun 5, 2021  |  By Liz Brockington
I have eaten this relish for as long as I can remember. However, it has disappeared from most grocery stores . That is the reason for ordering online. Do you have any still on sale in grocery stores, markets, etc ? It is by far the best relish we have ever eaten. Thank you and we are more than half way through with the first jar !! Love it .
Liz Brockington
Jun 8, 2021
Jun 8, 2021  |  By Beth McCall
I love Braswell's artichoke relish! I could just eat it right out of the jar! It's that good! But I usually put it atop a sausage dog, which takes the dog to the next level.
Beth McCall
Jul 7, 2021
Jul 7, 2021  |  By Dee
Grew up with this product, love it , can't find up "north". It's sweet , crunchy & little bit spicy - great condiment for every kind of meat or fish . Great on sandwiches, especially hotdogs- as a senior citizen, it is a tasty walk back in time. (My brother in Georgia sent me the website)
cool summer salad
Jul 18, 2021
Jul 18, 2021  |  By William Berrian
A few teaspoons of Braswell's artichoke relish, a tiny bit of mayonnaise and a package of tuna makes a delicious tuna salad. It's great on shredded lettuce or a scoop in a quartered tomato.
William Berrian
Aug 10, 2021
Aug 10, 2021  |  By Donna K Smith
This is an excellent, tasty relish that we've been getting for years. Glad it's come back again so stocked up. Great packaging for shipping.
Donna K Smith
Aug 25, 2021
Aug 25, 2021  |  By patrick novasio
Use this poured over cream cheese with triscuts.You can try layering others on top.Going to try this with costcos artichokes maybe with pepper jelly,experimenting is half the fun.
patrick novasio
Wow ... I Became Emotional Over Relish!
Sep 22, 2021
Sep 22, 2021  |  By KIRK CLYATT
Hi my items arrived this evening and I almost teared up a little ... now the artichokes may have been slightly over cooked, softer than I remember them being, (sooo many years ago) but overall the taste sensation of the artichoke relish was AMAZING ... I ate about a quarter of a jar right out of the jar, thankfully I bought FIVE. It was like for a minute being 12 again and being in my grandmother's house in South Carolina. Really surprising that a remembered taste can have SUCH as emotional impact. Oh and your packaging with GREAT ... super job by your shipping department. I can't believe I spent so much money on condiments, but it was TOTALLY worth it, thought you'd like to know!
Artichoke Relish
Sep 22, 2021
Sep 22, 2021  |  By Jense H Creighton
This relish is a family tradition in our home. We think it is the best available and only wish we could find it in the grocery stores. Ordering it on line was very easy and the delivery came with out any issues. Thank you.
Jense H Creighton
Artichoke Relish
Oct 15, 2021
Oct 15, 2021  |  By Hugh Jacobs
I love your artichoke relish. It is my favorite type but unfortunately they don't carry it in any local stores so I will continue to order online. Please keep making it. Thanks.
Hugh Jacobs
Great Relish!
Oct 25, 2021
Oct 25, 2021  |  By Liz Shutelock
I have been hooked on this relish since the late 60's when I went to school in Charleston, SC. They served it with roast beef. I have been ordering it by the case for years. I now live in Pennsylvania (a transplant) and have to order it to maintain my sanity. I never buy standard pickle relish and use the artichoke relish as a substitute...tuna salad, burgers, hot dogs, etc. My daughter, who lives in Michigan, always asks for a couple of jars when I go visit her. Please do not discontinue this relish. Thank you.
Liz Shutelock
Long time buyer
Dec 11, 2021
Dec 11, 2021  |  By Ellen Fletcher
Love Braswells Artichoke Relish. It is great with turkey and ham. My only regret is that I cannot buy it at my local grocery stores--Ingles, Lowe's, and Walmart. I often buy it at out-of-town grocery stores, but this year I had to order it from Braswells.
Ellen Fletcher
Artichoke relish
Feb 22, 2022
Feb 22, 2022  |  By Michele Tanis
An actual person answered the phone and very curious
Michele Tanis
Old friend
Mar 5, 2022
Mar 5, 2022  |  By Marilee Wolf
I have loved this product for fifty (that's right!) years. After I moved west. it was harder to find. Then I couldn't get it at all. I was heartbroken. To me it is the perfect condiment. I have been known to eat it on a spoon, right out of the jar. When I recently ran across the golden jars, Iwas so happy. My food will again reach it's true potential with Braswell's Artichoke Relish.
Marilee Wolf
My Favorite for Many Years
Mar 9, 2022
Mar 9, 2022  |  By Barbara M Horowitz
Since I grew up in Georgia, I have enjoyed your Artichoke Relish for thirty or more years. Can't get it in Texas so depend on ordering from you. My ham and cheese sandwich is not complete without it!! Love, love, love it!!
Barbara M Horowitz
Grateful for Artichoke Relish
Mar 28, 2022
Mar 28, 2022  |  By J Evans
As long as I can order Braswell's artichoke relish, I'm happy, happy, happy! I grew up with this relish (I'm 83) on my plate and sandwiches so when it became unavailable through my local grocery stores, my life became incomplete. Fortunately I found Braswell's online, ordering is simple, the folks with whom I've spoken are helpful and life is good again. Thank you, Braswell's!
J Evans
Consistently Delicious
Apr 20, 2022
Apr 20, 2022  |  By Mike Neisler
My father introduced to Braswells Artichoke Relish in the mid 1950's. Then it was a rare treat for Hot Dogs or Hamburgers. I've been hooked on it for the last 70 years and seen every reason to continue enjoying the savory taste.
Mike Neisler
Not quite the same (but what is?)
May 12, 2022
May 12, 2022  |  By Ray and Maxine Servaes
As a year's long Artichoke Relish purchaser (though not for quite a while) I found the relish to be quite good, but the artichokes were minced much finer than I remembered. However, I would rather have them chopped finer rather than not available at all.
Ray and Maxine Servaes
Simply the best!
May 21, 2022
May 21, 2022  |  By Pamela
Have been using this product for more than 35 years - makes the best deviled eggs, potato salad, and husband puts on most sandwiches. Used to buy in grocery store, but, can no longer find. Was thrilled to figure out I could buy directly. You won't be disappointed!
the best relish
Jun 26, 2022
Jun 26, 2022  |  By southern girl
For many years we made our own artichoke relish from an old southern recipe and it was craved by our friends. Braswell's is our new go-to for this awesome product. I'd rather give a bad review so they don't run out so that I will always be able to find it, but I'm too honest. So please give this a try--you won't regret it.
southern girl
Jul 22, 2022
Jul 22, 2022  |  By Mickey Berrian
20 years ago a friend told me how she made tuna salad, and I've made it that way since then: 1 can or pkg of tuna; a Tablespoon + or - of Braswell's artichoke relish; A couple of teaspoons of mayonnaise just to moisten. Delicious!
Mickey Berrian
I've missed this relish since childhood
Jul 23, 2022
Jul 23, 2022  |  By MITCHELL WERBELL
Braswell's Artichoke Relish was always a go to when I was a kid. like 60 years ago. I remember that taste so well, but it disappeared from the grocery store shelves long ago. My brother sent me a link to the site that had the relish available once again. So happy! Purchased 10 jars and introduced my family and their friends to a childhood memory favorite last night. Of course, they all loved it too. Please don't stop offering this product, I can;t wait another 50+ for more.
Excellent Product
Aug 23, 2022
Aug 23, 2022  |  By Donna Smith
We've been eating this relish for years and are so glad to see it back. Bought a case because we love it!
Donna Smith
Aug 24, 2022
Aug 24, 2022  |  By Henry
Been buying your products for years. My entire family loves the artichoke relish. Haven't found any that is as good as Braswell's
Sep 17, 2022
Sep 17, 2022  |  By Preston Scoggins
Preston Scoggins
Great on greens Artichoke relish.
Oct 18, 2022
Oct 18, 2022  |  By Eleanore Lynn
Fast shipping. Artichoke relish like grandma's . We love it on greens, collards and kale. Limited supply so we bought a case!
Eleanore Lynn
Braswell's Artichoke Relish
Nov 11, 2022
Nov 11, 2022  |  By Eizabeth Crandall
This relish tastes just like what my Mama used to make. I love it!!!
Eizabeth Crandall
Can't live without this stuff
Nov 22, 2022
Nov 22, 2022  |  By J. Evans
I grew up with Braswells artichoke relish in Savannah GA. I just turned 83. It's in my dna. I keep it stocked and give to friends. It's no longer in the grocery stores where I shop. I can't imagine what I'd do if I weren't able to get this stuff. I give it 4 stars because it has a little more liquido than I remember it.
J. Evans
Sounded interesting
Feb 2, 2023
Feb 2, 2023  |  By George
Very interesting taste. Goes great with beef or chicken
Feb 22, 2023
Feb 22, 2023  |  By Kelly
I was so excited to find the artichoke relish online. I grew up eating it with pork and now that I am older have found it is great on sandwiches, salads, burgers, hot dogs - just about anything! I love it! Wish it was still carried in the local grocery stores but I will keep ordering online if I have to.
OMG!! The Best!
Mar 20, 2023
Mar 20, 2023  |  By Barbara
I have been using this Artichoke relish for years and years and love, love, love it! My favorite way is on a ham and cheese sandwich on rye with tons of Artichoke relish on it. Enhances a plain sandwich and makes it special. I don't ever want to be without it! Thanks!
Artichoke Relish is terrific
Apr 21, 2023
Apr 21, 2023  |  By Gary Young
Artichoke relish is difficult to find and under appreciated. It really enhances deviled eggs and I mix it in the pickle relish for ham salad.
Gary Young
Greatest Stuff Since Sliced Bread
Jan 19, 2024
Jan 19, 2024  |  By Chris Moore
My family has been eating this with our Thanksgiving and Christmas meals for as long as I can remember (I'm 65) . . . with Turkey and Potato Peanut Dressing (family traditional stuffing). Some of us eat it year-round.
Chris Moore
Artichoke Relish
Mar 18, 2024
Mar 18, 2024  |  By Patterson wolfe
I live in fear that you will discontinue this delicious relish. I grew up eating it and it was on every Thanksgiving table at my grandmother and mother's table. All others I have tried are too sweet.
Patterson wolfe
Best Deviled Eggs!
Apr 4, 2024
Apr 4, 2024  |  By Pamela
I have been using Brasswell's Artichoke Relish for more than 4 decades, having been introduced to the product by my sainted Mother-In-Law. My husband puts it on most sandwiches, but I love it in deviled eggs, potato salad and chicken salad. It's an easy product to elevate your dishes. Used to be able to buy it in Publix, but that stopped years ago. Would always stock up when I ran across the relish. I'm so grateful that now I can order at will straight from Brasswell's. Do yourself a favor, and stock up.