Sunburn Orange Hot Sauce 5 oz

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Sunburn Orange Hot Sauce
This Braswell's Sunburn Orange Hot Sauce compliments nicely with a touch of orange to make an amazing flavor combination. Just a little of this on your dish and you'll keep coming back for more!
INGREDIENTS: Water, orange juice, cane sugar, jalapeno pepper puree, red bell peppers, ginger, garlic powder, natural flavors, salt, onion powder, citric acid, xanthan gum, pepper, habanero powder and cayenne powder. Scoville Units - 320
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A favorite
Jul 5, 2023
Jul 5, 2023  |  By Anita Braun
I first purchased this a few years ago for a friend while I was on vacation and she was watching my house and my cats for me... and she raved about the sauce - she absolutely loves it. It was purchased at a gift shop. and Braswell apparently labels items under various gift shop's names for them. There was no mention of the actual manufacturer anywhere on the label. I was unable to find this hot sauce online, so every year I go back to the same gift shop to purchase it. I even had another friend pick some up for me when she was vacationing in the same area one time. This year we stayed in a different town, and I drove 52 miles to get the hot sauce for my friend. The gift shop uses different software now , and Braswell is listed as the vendor on the price tag. So happy I can get this for my friend other than just when I go on that trip now. I'll still go to the same gift shop, even though it's out of my way, as it's one of my favorite shops in the Rodanthe, NC area.
Anita Braun