Balsamic Herb Carafe Dressing 9 oz

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Balsamic Herb Carafe Dressing
Our exclusive aged balsamic vinegar is perfectly paired with an impeccable blend of spices and herbs, as well as extra virgin olive oil. It makes a great salad dressing or marinade for pork, chicken, or beef. Featured in an Earth-Friendly, reusable Carafe bottle. You will love Braswell's Balsamic Herb Carafe Dressing.
INGREDIENTS: Water, balsamic vinegar, pure cane sugar, dark brown sugar, extra virgin olive oil, xanthan gum, black pepper and spices.
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I use the Balsamic Herb Dressing on my Watermelon Salad
May 11, 2021
May 11, 2021  |  By Susan Fitch
We like this on tomatoes and mozzarella , and it is delicious on Watermelon Salad.( Toss dressing with fresh mint, feta, thinly sliced red onion and watermelon chunks. Refrigerate an hour or so, drain before serving. Lightly top with a little more.)
Susan Fitch
Balsamic Herb Vinaigrette
Jul 20, 2021
Jul 20, 2021  |  By Timmy
Best I have ever bought. I can't find in the stores locally, so I order it from the on-line store.