Raspberry Vinaigrette 9 oz

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Raspberry Vinaigrette
Braswell's Raspberry Vinaigrette is the ultimate in sweet and tangy, this vinaigrette provides a perfect balance of sun-kissed raspberries with our finest red wine vinegar.
Water, cane sugar, red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, raspberry juice concentrate, xanthan gum, poppy seeds, salt, natural raspberry flavor, and black pepper
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Our Absolute Favorite Dressing
Apr 14, 2021
Apr 14, 2021  |  By Robert Stemmons
We used to buy this dressing in Oklahoma at the grocery store. We are now living in northern Idaho and we're unable to find it but fortunately I learned I can order it online. This is our favorite salad dressing bar none. To get a wonderful reusable carafe with it is like the cherry on top! They are so handy and they last for many years. The dressing has a magnificent flavor and we greatly appreciate the low sodium content. My wife has found that she can cut the dressing with apple cider vinegar and make it last much longer. This is great for us since we have to order by mail now.We have found that this dressing also makes an excellent marinade! Thank you for such a wonderful product.
Robert Stemmons